God’s Lambs Organization

God’s Lambs Organization

Providing food, water, educational material and bibles for the orphan children and families in Mbale, Uganda.

About God’s Lambs Organization

God’s Lambs Organization (GLO) is a Christian based orphanage ran by Pastor Mafabi Chris Omir of New Hope Baptist Church in Mbale, Uganda. GLO provides shelter, food, water, medical and education supplies for 17 children. Supporters of Saints Edified have been financially supporting GLO since 2019 and plan to continue to provide support.

About Pastor Mafabi

Pastor Mafabi Chris Omir is a sinner saved by God’s grace who has a big heart for preaching the gospel and caring for orphans. He pastors one church and has branched out two other congregations. God has blessed Pastor Mafabi with people who he can serve and his dream is to provide bibles for all the families and children of the congregations.

I had the privledge to video chat with Mafabi after knowing him for a little over years. I was eager to have people learn about his ministry and hopefully capture the vision we both have. I personally made a promise to Mafabi back in 2012, that I would help support his ministry one day. It’s great to see a few people support and pray with us in these efforts. Here is a short interview from the summer of 2019.

Two Options

Saints Edified is not registered as a non-profit organization; therefore, donations through this ministry cannot be used for tax write-offs in any way. Donations are sent to Arturo (preferablly Zelle or PayPal) and fowarded to Pastor Mafabi via Western Union. Donations are collectively sent on the 1st and 15th of every month to avoid as many fees as possible.If would like to use your donations as a write off then you have the option of donating through New Hope For Africa. This is not a ministry of Saints Edified. Please contact the administrator of that website for any questions you may have. If you have any questions for me, please use the contact page.

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